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Unlimited Internet Traffic with speed up to 8Mbps

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Personalized Installation

We are using the most advanced systems to ensure high stability in connectivity and  performance depending on your needs.

Experienced Staff

Our staff members have more than 10 years of experience in troubleshooting, maintaining and fixing any pre problems that may arise.

Competitive Pricing

We drive the market towards the best service and price, by satisfying our client's needs.



 DSL Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) brings high-bandwidth to homes and  small to medium sized businesses over the ordinary copper telephone  lines presently installed behind your wall 

Wireless Internet

No need to have a fixed phone number, we can provide you with 24/24 unlimited access to the internet with high speed bandwidth

Technology Solutions & Services

Consulting, delivery and implementation for network infrastructure, security and optimization.

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Special offer: Installation + Router + 1 month = 150,000 l.l.

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